Table Tennis

Beginner Ping Pong Classes

Our kids ping pong classes are designed to help new players (ages 8 to 12)  develop their table tennis skills. We teach the rules of the game, basic strokes, how to serve / receive serves, and of course match play. Classes are 60 minutes in length and conducted on a single table.

Loose fitting athletic clothing and rubber soled shoes are recommended. Paddles and balls will be provided if necessary, but bring your own paddle if you own one

Individual Lessons

Getting ready for a tournament? Let our table tennis sport team guide you to erase the bad habits and improve your game.

Group Lessons

If your fundamentals are there and you need a practice partner, our group lessons have those drills to make you improve.

Open Play

Looking for challenge? We have over 400 friendly players to choose from, What are you waiting for?