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Congratulations on this remarkable achievement.
You deserve to be congratulated for your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.
You have come a hard way to reach your goal Congratulations on your assignment
May you get to explore more of your many talents and skills
You are such an inspiration to all.

Here we reveal the winners of the Championship

Master Category Boys winners
1st Place - YOGA RAJ
2nd Place - Birdula praveen kumar
3rd Place - Dhana siva mani

Master Category girls winners
1st Place :Thamilizhini
2nd Place: G.Kamali
3rd Place: Shima Mishra

Open Category Girls winners
1st Place- M.Nitesh J Jangli
2nd Place- S.Kanishka
3rd Place- Anupama Singh Bisen

Open Category Boys winners
1st Place- M.Karthikeyan
2nd Place- M.P.Vasanth Raj

Student Category Boys winners
1st Place- A.Saravanan
2nd Place- S.Harshad
3rd Place- S.Susheel

Students Category Girls winners
1st Place- A.Harshini
2nd Place- A.K.Rithu Varshini
3rd Place- S.Mahitha
Supporting Academy 

1.Sri Kamali Yogalaya
2.Shine Yoga Power

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