Sports stars know that franchising is a good investment for their hard-earned management , Finding the right funding is critical in starting a own business of investment and they Consider all possible options so why another question    


If you are passionate about working with our Sports players dream and are looking at integrating them both into a successful and rewarding business opportunity, then the wss sports academy franchise is the way to go.           
                               Apart from being a high potential business, the sense of fulfilment that comes from making a positive impact on a our sports players future is the most striking aspect of the wss sports academy franchise opportunity.We have the opportunity every day to see and feel the difference that we’re able to make. You can make a difference too — for the players in your 

programs, for your family and for yourself. 
Owning your own business is not for everyone, but for those with the passion, determination and skills to succeed, a wss sports academy franchise can be a way to control your destiny and create your own security.Educators, health care practitioners and parents are increasingly aware of the benefits of physical activity for children. There is also a growing awareness of the importance of starting at the earliest ages. 
                                  Today’s busy parents often rely on high caliber programs offered outside of the home and within their community. Wss sports academy meets that need and offers age-appropriate instruction that has been developed with the hundreds of children that have benefitted from our programs.Wss sports academy offers weekly classes, monthly classes, camps (during school holidays), tournaments and events. Wss sports academy programs are offered right in the community at venues such as apartment,schools and local recreational facilities. 
Our instruction is age-appropriate and focuses on  ikal, carrom, yoga, table tennis,chess, billiards, snooker, skating and out door games as archery, rifle, karate, taekwondo, silambam, cricket, athletics, football,Tennis, badminton and also art and science as robotics, drawing,dance,quiz. Instruction is carefully designed to focus on improving gross motor development, physical strength, balance, stamina, coordination and social skills. 

                                  Through creative instruction, customized sports equipment and positive encouragement, children have the opportunity to learn and participate in sport in a fun and exciting environment. Children are taught the fundamental skills of each sport and have the opportunity to practice and refine these skills individually and in game situations. Creative games and activities are incorporated into classes, which allow children to interact with peers while acquiring a range of skills essential for sport and life. 

Thank you for believing in WSS SPORTS ACADEMY.

To join us in this prosperous journey by growing forward together.


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